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Police Department Contacts

Police Officers work odd hours and have other obligations such as court appearances or training that can make contacting them difficult.

The best way to contact a specific officer by phone is to call the non-emergency line at 513-791-8056 and request the Clerk connect you to the Officer's voicemail. You may also contact them via the e-mail list below.

E-Mail List

Chief David Battin  -

LT Robert Miller  -

LT Kevin Farmer  -

LT Jeremy Jordan  -

PO Robert Voland  -

PO Greg Kleeman  -

PO Derek Noland  -

PO James Murphy - <> 

PO Jacob Johnson

PO Ryan Faehr     -  

PO Clint Townsend - 

CLK Lisa Sax  -

CLK Josey Huneke  -

CLK Robert Keefe, Jr.  -

CLK Hannah Miller - <>

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