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Energy Aggregation

As a Deer Park resident (& some smaller Deer Park businesses), you are automatically enrolled in the City's energy aggregation program, which is a contracted rate for gas and electric supply.  This was voted on by the residents of the City of Deer Park. (The billing & services will still come from Duke Energy.) You may opt out at any time.  Beginning Oct of 2022, we are with AEP Energy for gas pricing; and continuing with Dynegy Energy for electricity pricing until that contract expires in December 2022. At that time, you will be automatically defaulted to Duke Energy for electricity supply.  Please click on link below for more details.

Click here for flyer on gas and electric rates and supplier.


Click here for Summary of Electric Aggregation Program for Deer Park residents through Dec 2022.

NOTE:  The gas aggregation contract with Constellation NewEnergy contract expired May 2022.  The City reverted to Duke Energy gas pricing for the summer of 2022.  Beginning in October, 2022, the City has a new aggregation supplier - AEP Energy.


Feel free to contact our consultant, Energy Alliances, at 513-794-5555  with questions or concerns.

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