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The City of Deer Park’s Beautification Awards program is a city-wide recognition program that acknowledges businesses, residences, organizations, and other establishments for contributing to the improvement and beautification of our community.  The application deadline is

Administrative Assistant/ Front Desk receptionist position (2024)

City Employment application required for consideration, resume optional.    Application for employment form (Deer Park).pdf

Part time, 30 hr/ week, max.

General statement of duties:

Administrative Assistant/ Front desk City Office

Deadline is noon July 3rd, 2024.

The City of Deer Park, Ohio is an EOE.

Dear Property Owner/Tenant:


We wish to notify you that preliminary investigation for an upcoming improvement to the public corridor near your current location is in the beginning stages for a public improvement project.

Accordingly, we wish to advise you that it will be necessary for survey crews to work within easements bordering or on your property to obtain certain field data needed in connection with this project.  To obtain the needed field data, The Kleingers Group may need to enter upon your property to perform field reviews and survey work to locate the existing right of way, property lines and obtain drainage and roadway sections.  Crews have received strict instructions concerning the preservation of private property and public lands. If at any time you feel that their representatives have not given proper attention to your private property, please notify us at once at the following address:


City of Deer Park

Attention: BJ Jetter

7777 Blue Ash Road

Deer Park, OH 45236

Telephone Number: 1.513.794.8860




Field personnel will not have any definite answers to your questions concerning this project.  They will simply be collecting data required for preparing the overall basemap for design. However, a representative will contact you as soon as definite information becomes available should the ultimate design of the project affect your property or lands.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and assistance so that this worthwhile project can be completed at the earliest possible date.  If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact BJ Jetter at (513) 794-8860 or





William (BJ) Jetter

City Manager

City of Deer Park



MAY 14, 2024



In the near future, Duke Energy will be performing gas leak and corrosion inspections in your neighborhood. These inspections are required by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and are necessary for safe natural gas pipeline operations. Duke Energy has arranged for this work to be performed by Southern Cross, Inc. The technicians working for Southern Cross, Inc. will be going door to door to inspect inside gas piping and metering equipment.

Customers can call Southern Cross toll free at (888) 694-7284 to schedule an appointment. Information and appointment requests are available online at:

The inspection involves the gas piping from the building wall to the outlet of the gas meter located inside customers' homes. On average, an inspection should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The Southern Cross technicians will be readily identifiable by:

  • Wearing a visible Southern Cross picture ID on the outside of the uniform,
  • Wearing a visible Duke Energy picture ID on the outside of the uniform,
  • Having a contact phone number for the customer to call for verification of the Duke Energy inspection, and
  • Driving a Southern Cross, Inc. You should not expect to see the technician in a Duke Energy vehicle.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your inspection.


APR 30, 2024

The concrete and sod restoration will be complete by the end of this week in Deer Park. 


The bore (@ the R/R) is ready to start.  We will close the section of Plainfield between Webster and Blue Ash beginning 5/6/24.  The southbound traffic will be a full-time day and night closure.  The full-time southbound closure will be in effect for approximately 5 weeks. The north bound traffic will be a working hours closure on an as needed basis.  


Once the bore is complete, we will still have approximately 4 weeks of work remaining in this section.  We will have a working hours closure on an as needed basis.


Paving is still tentatively scheduled to start in mid-June.

person sitting in grass meditating

Yoga in the Park !

APR 18, 2024

The Deer Park Park Board & Natasha of NKO YOGA Ltd (located in Deer Park !) bring you Yoga in the Park, Saturday mornings, starting May 4th, 2024 through September 7, 2024, @ 10 a.m.  The fee is $10 per person.  Event is weather permitting. (Minimum age is 13.)


Meet in front of City Hall. Event is 10 am - noon.

Rain date is May 11.

Click on link to view flyer for more information.

Hamilton County Recycling: Compost Bin Sale May 2 - June 1, 2024.  Click on link below for details.

Notice of Accepting Applications 

2024 Summer Help - Deer Park Service Dept, Deer Park, Ohio

Applications are available at the Deer Park Municipal Building, 7777 Blue Ash Rd., Deer Park, Ohio, 45236 and on the City website

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