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CRA Tax Abatement Program

Community Reinvestment Area

The City of Deer Park has designated Deer Park as a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA).   

A Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) provides tax abatement to promote new construction or rehabilitation of residential, commercial or industrial structures. The property owner receives a tax abatement on the increase in property valuation resulting from the improvements. The objective of the City of Deer Park's CRA Program is to promote investment in new and existing properties in Deer Park.  

For residential property, submit the CRA application AFTER work is completed; include all relevant / supporting documentation with front cover ledger and receipts in corresponding order attached.  (Minimum investment is $2,500, term of approved tax abatement is 10 years for remodel improvements.)  Submit at the city office. 

Click on following link for the RESIDENTIAL CRA application form:   Application Form

Note: for commercial properties, the project must be pre-approved by City Council before work begins, as well as other stipulations.  Please contact the city manager to discuss a CRA option for commercial property.

Please be mindful of any separate building, zoning, electrical, and/or plumbing permits required.

Upon approval, a letter is sent to Hamilton County Auditor's office, with copy to applicant, of such approval and valuation.  At that point, it is processed by the County Auditor's office.

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