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Blue Ash Rd Paving Nov 11; to include block by block full road closure (daytime). Approx 3 days.  Click here for add'l information.


Blacktop related road work to begin Oct 2, 2020 - with one lane - ONE DIRECTION -  ONLY on Blue Ash Rd - and the other lane (opposite direction) detoured along Plainfield and Galbraith Roads.  Please watch for detour signs, and we ask for your continued patience as we continue to make progress on this major road improvement project.  For risk and safety reasons, parking along the R/R tracks will be very limited during this time.  Some side streets that intersect Blue Ash Rd will be closed for a few days (in stages, between Oct 8 - Oct 16) for road improvement: click here for overview.  The planned completion of this phase is end of October.


Sidewalk work in front the businesses to begin Aug 13, 2020, as part of the Blue Ash Road Improvement Project.  Please CLICK HERE for details.

Click here to view the proposed Deer Park City Charter that was also recently mailed out to voters ahead of the Nov 3, 2020 election.  Last November, 15 Charter Commission members (Deer Park residents) were elected to undertake the task of drafting a city charter for review and approval of City Council AND the electorate.  Current City Council approved the draft charter in July of 2020. If the ballot issue passes, Deer Park becomes a Charter City instead of a Statutory City. The Charter lays out government structure and Council procedures that are different than current.  It allows the City to have what is referred to as 'home rule', allowing more flexibility at a local level.  More info on the Charter Commission and minutes of meetings can be found on the government page of this website.  Feel free to contact the city office  @ 513-794-8860 with any questions.

Ward 4 Polling Place location, usually at Wickshire Senior Living (formerly Amber Park) on Galbraith Road, will be at the Francis R Healy Community Center, 7640 Plainfield Rd, Deer Park, OH 45236.  Wards 1 and 2 are also at this location. Please see link on residents page - polling.  Also, click here for upcoming Voting timeline and options. Hamilton County Board of Elections website link here.


Southern Cross Inc, will be in the Deer Park area in the near future, on behalf of Duke Energy. Due to Covid-19, these inspections are by appointment only. See link below for more information & phone number to call. They are inspecting gas metering equipment and piping inside buildings, as required by the US DOT.  Each inspection generally takes approximately 10 minutes. The Southern Cross Inc representative will have a visible picture ID, with Southern Cross Inc and Duke Energy contact information.  They will have a Southern Cross Inc logo on their vehicle.  Click here for their announcement letter.

Hamilton County residents: to help encourage the public to be prepared for emergencies & disasters (from Coronavirus, to severe weather, to power outages), Click here for flyer from Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency with info on being prepared for emergencies.

Mosquito on a hand

Mosquitoes !

SEP 4, 2020

Reduce standing water -> discourage mosquitoes !!

Tips on avoiding mosquito bites: 

The most important thing to do in preventing mosquito bites is to prevent mosquitoes in the first place.  Dump out all standing water in your yard regularly.   If you have standing water you can't get rid of, you can buy Bt donuts/dunks from various places such as hardware stores and apply as directed. 


Other ways to avoid bites: 

1.  Wear light colored clothing 

2.  Stay inside during between dusk and dawn 

3.  Burn citronella candles


Share this information with your friends, family,  and neighbors!

Beginning Tues Sept 8, 2020, storm sewer work will begin on Clifford Road.  After this utility work is complete, paving can begin.  We appreciate the patience of the residents as we continue with this road improvement project.


**Upcoming detour for Utility work ** Feb 2020: Please note that Greater Cincinnati Water Works plans to do water line tie in work at Clifford & Blue Ash from 2/24 - 2/26/2020.  Traffic will be reduced to one lane, and detoured around the area.  Jan 2020: Work has begun on the Clifford Road Improvement Project. The initial work will be water main work by Greater Cincinnati Water Works.  The road work portion will begin later in the spring by Rack & Ballauer Excavating.  Click here for copy of letter that was distributed to the residents of Clifford Road.  We appreciate your patience.

JULY 1: The tax office visit is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, (Mon- Fri). Please call the office at 513-794-8863 to set up your appointment. You can always utilize mailing, our drop box, or the electronic secure email link on our website to get your information to us!

The City Bldg is currently locked, but we are here; please call if you need to speak with or see Janet or BJ at the city office. (794-8860). Thank you.

Attached video explains the benefits of being signed up for alerts from Hamilton County Emergency Management and for an enhanced 911.

flowers in front of a white fence

The Summer Beautification Award Nominations are being accepted now thru July 24, 2020. Please nominate a beautiful property (residential or commercial) to receive recognition from the City !  Click here for nomination form.  Forms are also available at the city office. Applications can be also emailed, mailed, or faxed to you upon request. 

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