Posted on: July 26, 2020

The Ohio Health Dept has several resources of information:

website link:

*** EFF July 9, 2020 @ 6 pm, Governor DeWine has ordered mask wearing for those in 12 "coded red" counties of higher Covid-19 numbers and spreading risk.  Masks are for indoors in public buildings and businesses in Hamilton, Clermont, & Butler and 9 other counties, and outdoors if you cannot socially distance.  See link above for add'l info. ***

Please click here for current assistance information from Duke Energy. 

Governor's Extended Stay at Home Order now thru May 29th, 2020.

Click here for information on reducing your exposure when you have to go out for essentials. (posted here 4/16/2020)

Click here for infographic for doing your part to slow the spread. (posted here on 4/13/2020)

Click here for Myths vs Facts on COVID-19 (Ohio Dept of Health). (posted here on 4/8/2020)

Click here for FAQ about COVID-19

Click here for high risk groups infographic (posted 4/20/2020)

Click here for Infographic for Tips for Parents (posted 4/20/2020)

Click here for link to getting jobs help. (Posted here 4/14/2020)

Click here for prevention health tips for infectious diseases.

Click here for ways to help someone who is isolated or quarantined. (posted 3/30/2020)

Click here for infograph on importance of social distancing. (posted 3/30/2020)

Click here for info on the President's Coronavirus Guidelines rec'd on 3-28-2020. 3/29/20: Social Distancing THROUGH April 30, 2020.

Small Business loans to be made available: click here for info.(posted 3/16/2020)  

Click here for updated Symptom Comparison chart (COVID-19 vs flu vs common cold) (posted 4/30/2020)

Click here for prevention actions to help reduce the spread. (posted 3/24/2020)

Click here for Health Dept memo ref: understanding work safety guidelines for essential businesses workplace guidance. (posted 3-30-2020)

Warning from FBI for internet exploitation of children as they spend more time online now: With schools closed, many kids will spend more time online or be in positions that could put them at increased risk. The FBI is alerting parents and other caregivers to the increased danger of online sexual exploitation and signs of child abuse. Click following link for more:   (posted on 4/2/2020)

Click here for a list of ways you can help during this challenging time. (posted 3/23/2020)

The following city notice was posted 3-19-2020: City meeting and COVID-19 notice here. NOTE: City bldgs. closed to public through May 11th, 2020. Future local meetings subject to cancellation as a health precaution.