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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We are driven to provide the residents and businesses of this amazing community with services that lead to a quality lifestyle by achieving and promoting community values with initiatives that promise a better tomorrow.

Vision Statement

The vision for Deer Park is to move into the future by introducing an urban design that creates a connection between people and places.  To create an inclusive city that ensures equal access and meets the needs of all our residents.  

      • The Blue Ash Road Streetscape Project is the first step in the creation of that design.
      • The construction of forty five townhomes on Blue Ash Road, that will be known as the Townhomes of Wentworth, is the first major construction of residential housing since 1970, providing affordable NEW housing in Deer Park!
      • Chamberlin Park, located in the center of the City, has become the "living room" of Deer Park, offering sports, events, concerts and much more.  A recent study of the Park identified several opportunities for improvement in the Park.  Exploring funding for these projects is under way now.

Continuing the momentum of these projects is the vision for the future, with plans to connect the Park with a destination district that would include a Makers Marketplace; celebrating local and regional artisans, boutique shops, restaurants and arts and entertainment venues.

Our vision is to uphold the strong family values and the sense of community pride that is Deer Park.

We invite you to... Rediscover Deer Park.



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