City Income Tax Filing


Individual Returns - *NOTE*

Due to COVID-19, the dead line to file your City of Deer Park taxes and have any balance due paid has been extended to July 15,2020.

 Thank you for your patience as we limit exposure to City staff and the public.  City phone: 513-794-8860. Tax 513-794-8863.  Fax 513-794-8866.  Our website  has phone numbers, email addresses, and secure email option.  There is a drop box in the municipal parking lot.

Estimated Payments

Required quarterly payments if estimated liability is $200 or greater.
1st payment    
with filing, by April 15th
2nd payment    by June 15th
3rd payment     by September 15th
4th payment    by January 15th
Balance Due with next filing, April 15th

Business Returns - On or before April 15th or the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of fiscal year.


 1st payment           15th of the fourth month after fiscal year end (or 4/15)
 2nd payment          15th of the sixth month after fiscal year end (or 6/15)
 3rd payment            5th of the ninth month after fiscal year end (or 9/15)
 4th payment          15th of the twelfth month after fiscal year end (or 12/15)
       Balance Due with next filing, 15th of the fourth month after FYE


Withholding Reconciliations - On or before February 28th.


Required monthly unless withholdings are less than $2,400/year.



   15th day of following month



   last day of the month after quarter end
   (4/30, 7/31, 10/31, 1/31)    





  1. If you are in need of forms or have any questions regarding the filing of the annual City of Deer Park income tax return please feel free to call or visit the tax office. 
  2. The City of Deer Park Tax Office will assist with the completion of your individual Deer Park tax return.  Just bring all W-2(s), 1099s, and all Federal Schedules reporting income to the Tax Office during office hours.