City of Deer Park, Ohio
"The Right Town for a  Bright Future"

History of Deer Park

1788 John Cleves Symmes purchases all land between two Miami Rivers for subsequent resale and development.

1795 Treaty of Greenville signed, giving Ohio settlers assurances of safety over Indian "intrusions", Samuel and Rachel DeMent Pierson establish log home in vicinity of Deer Park

1806 Dr. Daniel Schenck and family construct first brick home in Deer Park.

1881 Passenger train runs from Deer Park to Lebanon along "Highland Route."

1886 Mutual Homestead Building Co. purchases large section of Pierson estate for suburban development.

1903 Rapid Railway interurban transit (for the "black cars") brings trolley service to Deer Park; car barns built at Hegner and Blue Ash.

1906 Amity school constructed.

1912 Deer Park incorporated as village, with backing of Deer Park Welfare Corporation.

1930-1951 Several annexations increase overall size of village.

1952 Deer Park becomes a city.

1953 Deer Park Township is formed.

1987 Celebration of Deer Park’s 75th anniversary.

Did You Know                       

As late as 1921 only a footpath of cinders existed along present-day Matson Avenue.

In 1925’s landslide election for the position of marshal, Walter Schneider captured all but two of the towns 243 votes cast.

Deer Park once had its own library, post office, and a movie theater.

Deer Park suffered severe property damage during the 1969 tornado that struck the southwest crone of town. Fortunately, no lives were lost.

Deer Park Volunteer Life Squad, organized in 1939, was the second such department organized in the United States

Matson Avenue was named after Ollie Matson Schenck, granddaughter of early settler Daniel Schenck.

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